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Less relational traction is a real concern

Divorce and marriage rates fall!  Fewer people marry according to the Government’s own data collection unit.  This is alarming for anyone who knows anything about commitment theory.  Basically marriage particularly for men is a loud and clear indicator for long term commitment in the relationship.  It seems as though we chaps just respond well to the public nature of a marriage.  Sort of a statement of intent in the presence of pals, uncles, neighbours and colleagues that binds us in more clearly.  Lose marriage, and society will become more fluid with less dedication about.  Not good at all.  A society with less relational traction is a real concern.

To find out more visit Marriage Week UK go to events and sign up for the 6th Relationship skills conference, at which you can hear the World’s leading expert in this field. Professor Scott Stanley PHD.



First time in the City of Angels!.  I just thought since LAX sounds so cool, that the airport would be pretty neat; felt like Heathrow Terminal 2, if you know what I mean.  Got to prepare my talk for tomorrow.  Just got my daily 37 emails from wifi in the lobby, photo’s tomorrow promise.

Great little church

Riverside Pentecostal church in North London is just a great little community of folks who love Jesus and really care for each other.   I came here about 10 yeas ago and did a Marriage Seminar evening.  Today I was back again, did a great little preach about Moses, the cloud and staying close to the mountain.  Super people, really enjoyed it.  We always think church has to be big, effective, dynamic etc, in fact it’s all about just following Jesus – easy really.  This fellowship meets in an old building physically squeezed between the river and the road.  I love the way people are so faithful, just ploughing on loving people and loving God.

We stayed over with the wonderful John and Andrea Taylor Cummings (old buddies) and their two fabo son’s Sam and Zack.  Visited a fundraising event last night for Young Life Hertford, that was great too.  Now I’m in my hotel, flying off to speak at a conference tomorrow in LA.  This will be my first time in LA, so pretty exciting for me.

I’ve just been updating the Marriage Week site with some history stuff, went ok, its just the bandwidth here is like really thin, so all a bit slow really.