A Relational take on the nativity part 2.

Life is a journey

Joseph was a complete star!  In fact the Star of David should really be renamed the star of Joseph (only joking honest).  He must have taken some serious mocking for Mary’s pregnancy.  I can just imagine, and I bet you can too his explanation of events to his pals as they gathered around the watering hole!  Then off they go on this jaunt to Bethlehem, at the command of the occupying army, to register themselves.  With Mary heavily pregnant, it must have seemed all wrong, and insanely stupid to do such a thing.  Joseph probably would have been focused on the journey, making sure the donkey was ok for the trip, sort of a resigned grumpiness regarding the whole affair.  Perhaps inside he was pretty angry about the whole drama!  I like to think that he just dealt with it in a manly way, and stoically “put on a brave face”.  This Christmas members of your family might have issues going on that you aren’t aware of, or don’t fully understand.  My advice is to just quietly support them in any way you can.  Sometimes people are carrying terrific burdens and just need a bit of support, and not a full on analysis of all the options and issues.  Quiet shoulder to shoulder support Joseph style, could be just what they need.  Equally, at times, what people really need is a “good listening to”! and Christmas is a great time, to just give people space to talk.

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