A Relational take on the nativity, part 3.

If you can’t have a great marriage, an ok one is, well, ok.

The three kings following the star to the manger must have been quite a sight.  They just wanted to be there because they knew it was a pretty special moment in time, and decided to harness astronomical technology to get them to where they wanted to be.  I guess nowadays they would have used GPS technology to guide them, which inevitably means sooner or later calling a call centre.  This is difficult for me as just this week my mobile phone provider of ten plus years to whom I have paid copious amounts of cash, offered up as a monthly sacrifice completely disowned me for an entire 90 minutes of call centre nightmare.  The three kings can teach us a thing or two here.  The lesson is, “if that’s what has to be done then just do it”, don’t make a fuss.  They didn’t really want to end up in a manger, a nice five star hotel was probably more their thing.  However, when the Saviour of mankind was born, there was no place they would rather be.  So, if you have to wash up, cook or put up with dodgy relatives this Christmas in order to be with your loved ones, my advice is just get on with it, like the three kings had to and be a blessing to those around you.  It may be that for a host of reasons realistically you will never have a stupendous marriage, well, if that’s the case – good news is that an OK marriage is well OK.  That dosen’t mean you can stop making an effort, it just means that you can have realstic expectations.  Finally, if you have to prevail with a call centre, just be patient, act humbly and remember they really are real people.

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