A relational take on the nativity, part 4.

Jesus on Facebook.

Imagine, baby Jesus being born into a modern family.  He would have to compete with all the excellent distractions that are part of modern life.  Perhaps Joseph and the three kings might have peeled off to play Fifa on Xbox after a few moments with the babe!  Maybe Mary might have left the babe to set up a Facebook page for Jesus!  Now there’s a thought.  This Christmas in advanced economies, you will experience so many compelling and intoxicating distractions that will try to steal your heart from each other and from considering the superb idea that Jesus was indeed the Son of God and born into a manger as a vulnerable, needy infant, and therefore what does that mean? Superbly impressive, that the one who can’t get any bigger, chooses to become really small.

So, as you navigate the complexities of family life all bundled together in a sort of annual psychological, sociological, relational experiment that we call Christmas – may I suggest that you talk about planning a joint task or adventure together, it was, I suggest a great adventure for God to join mankind as an infant, which once again reminds us that we are built for adventure!  It was for each other’s sense of adventure that you probably hooked up with each other in the first place. Don’t let life and it’s demands take all vestiges of adventure from you, generate some new plans together.  Maybe get fit for a marathon, or navigate the Amazon (the river not the shop), so long as it’s a joint adventure that’ll be great.


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