The Perfect Storm

Hosted by Andrew Selous MP, the Parliamentary launch for Marriage Week UK took place this evening in the Palace of Westminster, London.  Leading academic from the University of Denver, Scott Stanley articulated his “perfect storm” scenario as a generation of children enter the “couples marketplace” with extremely poor “attachment experience” as a result of serial partners in the parental home.  He explained that we were on the cusp of  a social experiment which mankind had not toyed with in our history. Sobering words indeed.

Nola Leach chats to Lord Northbourne, Andrew Selous MP and Richard Kane in backgroundSir Paul Coleridge spoke about his experience as a High Court Judge, following which he is keen to start the Marriage Foundation, to champion marriage all year round.  Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis Kinloss, from Finchley Synagogue explained in a brilliant fashion how marriage and community are entwined in his community. Nola Leach CEO of CARE described some of the other major events occurring this week.  I did a nice little talk suggesting that our nation had forgotten to respect marriage, choosing instead to denigrate it to just a different choice for couples. I also explained that 21 nations were doing Marriage Week currently.  The audience were made up of about 90 leading figures from the voluntary sector including; Reg Bailey CEO of Mothers Union, Nicky and Sila Lee, from The Marriage Course, Lyndon

Bowring Executive Chairman of CARE, Mick Brooks CEO of CWR, The Bishop of Hertford plus 2 other Bishops, Lord Northbourne, 4 MP’s plus other distinguished guests to numerous to mention.

For any sceptics out there who think this is not really serious, Scott Stanley citing our own Harry Benson emphasised the fact that a child born to a married couple has a 9% probability of experiencing his parents breakup, compared to a 34% probability of his parents splitting up if his parents are unmarried.   Or in other words four times more likely to split if parents are unmarried.  So if you were a child being born today, which family type would you choose?  Why not make a donation as a thank you for your marriage; click here for tax efficient online giving







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