Smashed our 664,000 record

It seems as though close to 1 million people will be attending Marriage Week events in the USA alone. We have counted up over 4,000 individual events with an average attendance of say 250 people.  Whilst it’s not all about the numbers, it is all about the numbers because if we are trying to create a shift in culture, then we need a certain volume of the population to do that, so the numbers are important.

Arriving in Budapest I was shocked to see the frozen Danube, I hope it’s thawed out by March when we have our international conference on board a floating conference centre.  The launch event was epic with several live TV crews and many photographers and reporters.  Afterwards I did a 15 minute TV interview for Hungarian state TV, I hope to have a copy of it soon to post.  Events are happening all over Hungary but it’s too early to count them up.  Had lunch with the team which was great fun, arriving back into Gatwick I was picked up by Wayne from Advantage Cars, didn’t want to drive home after such a long day.

Arriving in Prague last night I was met by my good friend Roger Harsh, who works here full time with YWAM.  This morning we went to the Government building where the press launch was being held. I spoke about the importance of marriage skills in relationships, and afterwards did interviews on Czech TV news and another TV station.  My good friend, Petr Cincala the national coordinator over here did a little video interview with me which is here. Petr has confirmation of 160 events but reckons that is fairly conservative really.

I went with Jiri Unger, President of European Evangelical Alliance to see a bridge where couples who can’t afford a marriage lock a symbolic padlock to the bridge, and then throw the key into the river.  I’m now waiting around for my flight home, it’s 1 pm, and I leave at 9.30, so just hanging around really.  I’m back here again next weekend with Luke Tanner to teach a marriage seminar in Jablonec.

Meanwhile Rolf Dieter has complied an image library on Facebook which is worth a view.

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