It’s quite shocking “an equality too far”!

I pride myself in not being too reactionary or defaulting to obvious positions regarding contentious issues.  However, I am starting to become a tad paranoid!  I was distressed to read about the chap in Manchester; Adrian Smith, who had the temerity to make a fairly innocuous comment on his own private Facebook page, in his own time off from work, about the possibility of same sex marriage in church.  Commenting on a BBC news story, he said, prepare yourself, it’s quite shocking “an equality too far”!  Shock Horror!  Not only did he get demoted at work, but District Judge Charles Khan at Manchester County Court, threw out his case this week, claiming that Mr Smith’s human rights did not apply.  Seems ridiculous to me, or maybe I should become really careful about what I write on FB in case the thought police bag me.  Hang on a minute, this is great Britain isn’t it?

My second story which is fuelling paranoia, is the story about the nurse Abdhul Bhutto who was unable to attend to a patient, despite the only other assistant and Mr Bhutto hearing that a fragile elderly patient fell from her bed, because the nurse was in prayer!  The patient died, not because the nurse was unavailable, but certainly his absence due to prayer for four hours, did not, shall we say, assist the situation.  The point of this story is not to vilify Mr Bhutto, who the Coroner is waiting to give evidence, but to ask the question; If Mr Bhutto had been a Christian praying and not someone from a different faith, how tolerant or intolerant would the media and police have been to Mr Bhutto?

In my view, Mr Smith should be able to express his measured views in this great nation without being demoted, the judge should have been a bit more sensible and Mr Bhutto should have left his prayer to assist the old lady (whose husband, Steve Griffiths had been a professional footballer).

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