Poncing about in the margins.

Frank Field MP

So, yesterday was budget day, and today therefore is budget dissection day.  Nothing new here.  The annual challenge for the Chancellor is a distilled version of the five year term challenge for any Government – that is there isn’t really very much they can do.  I mean most of the budget, like that for any organization is set and immovable.   So really all that can happen is trivia in the margins.  For example, I mean please give me a break, 50% or 45% tax, to be honest, and I know this might surprise some of you, it won’t affect me either way.  Nor will it affect about 97% of the population.  It would be so nice to hear a candid politician say something like “Mr Speaker, since spending on; education, health, defence and welfare are 90% all buttoned up, we find ourselves slightly emasculated – so we are going to make the very few minor adjustments which we can”.  It is bizarre to consider that on the rare occasions that a politician considers “thinking the unthinkable” as in Frank Field back in 1997/8, or even the recent Welfare bill, by the time it gets through hundreds of amendments all these shenanigans emasculate “the unthinkable”!  This means that we NEVER will get any radical root and branch change, just never ending poncing about in the margins.  Ah Humbug!

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