Take her away to naughty school for a 1000 years

Granted it was very early in the morning, and perhaps the middle aged lady was not quite fully awake when she began to plaster on her make up whilst 20 or so sleepy travelers sat watching the transformation.  We had brushes, mirrors, lip stick, mascara, foundation all applied as if we were not there.

I’ve been around long enough to know that the idea of make up is to hide the natural ageing process by applying lotions and potions, thereby creating a vista of youthful enthusiasm and vigour.  In principle of course there is nothing wrong with make up – if the barn door needs painting, then paint it.   However, clearly the target audience is people she will be meeting today, so what then does that make me.  Am I an inferior type of person because she is disinterested in my seeing her as it were not only under construction, but in natural form too.  I can’t quite get my head around the idea that she will apply make up for making a good impression, whilst ignoring the fact that in so doing she is making a poor impression.  Do it privately please.

I didn’t really mind, except that awful powdery stuff was splashed around.  I could smell it wafting up my nasal cavity – unpleasant.  Just don’t get me started on nail varnish on trains, the pungent smell of solvent applied indiscriminately.  In my dreams I stand up and explain that solvents are carcinogenic, and I have with me a heath and safety policeman who will take her away to naughty school for a thousand years.

My photo’s for this post are of Egyptian dudes, carved some 3400 years ago.  They reside in an amazing Egyptian museum in Turin, Italy.

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