Just popping the jabbing snow chains on the grinding sick dripping wheels.

So as I prepare for home, with tomorrow the last day, more than anything it’s the juveniles language which has caught me by surprise; popping, dropping, dipping, jabbing to name but a few.  It’s my pen ultimate day on the Snow Vole courtesy bloggers ski and board trip.

I had a great day today in Les Arcs hanging out with G Man and FionaOutdoors . We left the juveniles to play on Burn’s super new product.  Sort of a fat snow blade that acts like a snowboard, but is fixed to each foot singly, unlike a board which fixes both feet.

We hacked around Les Arcs today.  Just perfect slippy soft snow, empty runs.  We were kings of the mountain, except for the 800 Bristol University students who were on every lift and in every bar.  They were strategically placed, sort of 10 at a time on each slope helping enormously with contrast.  I didn’t really mind them at all.

For those of you who know what I’m on about it was like, super fast on piste, super powdery of piste and super exciting in the forest, no queues and nothing to pay for thanks to Phil from Snow Vole, and our super courtesy chalet at snowchateaux Our transport a gift from Holiday Autos was slightly weird; the juxtaposition of big time hard core skiers and boarders being driven around in Skoda Octavia’s was as they say not quite “bang on trend”.

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