Six TV interviews, 2 talks, a thousand miles – 1 day.

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Six TV and 3 radio interviews, 2 talks, a thousand miles, two capital cities, two launch events – yesterday was a pretty busy day.

My taxi picked me up at 6.45 UK time, off to the press launch for Marriage Week Hungary, downtown Budapest.  45 journalists, 6 tv crews and 8 photographers puts yesterdays event in the big league of press events I have been involved in.

Last year whilst I was here, during a TV interview, apparently I said something like, “the best way to fix your economy is to encourage people to marry and have lots of children”.  It does sound like me, and it is true that  we have armageddon like demographics in the Western World (a nation needs a reproduction rate of 2.3 children per couple to just stand still, most European nations are about 1.6, with people living longer and longer, their won’t be enough people to pay for everything).

Apparently it sparked a massive debate bringing in the scoffers who had to try to explain how this wasn’t the case (which would have been impossible).  So this year, I decided to do the same again.  I spoke about the economic benefits of marriage to society, with an interpreter, since I can’t speak Hungarian, which incidentally is the second hardest language in the World (the hardest being Chinese or Arabic).  So, whilst the other speakers sounded great, I have no idea what they were saying.

I did all the interviews (see video above) and then took a taxi to the airport to catch the 12.55 back to Heathrow, took time to edit the film on the plane.

Into Westminster for 5, I was the first to arrive in the Palace of Westminster to set up for the UK launch.   David Burrowes MP introduced the event and made closing remarks to the packed room.  I spoke about “is marriage just a piece of paper?” and then introduced Baroness Ruth Deech and Harry Benson.  Harry cited some new research which suggests that once a couple reach their 10 anniversary, divorce levels have not increased since the 1970’s, and that it is between the 3rd and sixth year that most couples are vulnerable.

I then talked about Renewal of Vows, citing a story from a little church in Hampshire which held a vows service, inviting all the couples who had married their to return.  I stood at the back, scoffing quietly until the Vicar led the flock in a confession and vow ceremony.  I watched these people bunch in tighter, clasping hands and hankies.  It was shockingly moving and powerful. I felt as if an awkward intruder in a very private, and bizarrely public ceremony.  I then introduced Dave Percival who introduced our genuine World Record attempt; The Big Promise for 2014.


Train back to Heathrow and then drove home.

Photo shows;

David Burrowes MP, Ruth Deech, Dave Percival, Harry Benson & Richard Kane

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