2 Eavesdropping strangers in disguise

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It’s been a brilliant day!  Up early this morning for a radio interview which took place in a cafe over breakfast, on completion two eavesdropping strangers wandered over and commended us on the content of the interview!  How weird is that.  Then off to Parliament for the Media Launch.  I spoke a bit about infatuation, followed by interviews for everybody except me!

We then enjoyed a very nice lunch set up for networking between the Vice Mayor, MP’s, religious leaders and the Marriage Week team.  I spoke about my favourite topic.  Amazingly, an old buddy from Romania saw through FB a photo of me, in Bratislava, where in fact he now lives.  Quick as a flash he calls and we are having dinner together!  How cool is that.

Off early tomorrow for a final TV interview (so they must have liked the last one) and then fly out from Vienna for Berlin, where I pick up my hire car to drive to Heinichin near Dresden.

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