Where is the real power, with the speaker or the editor?

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.25.35

I Have just clipped and cribbed 55 minutes of excellent digitally recorded dialogue into just over three minutes, which begs the question; where does the power actually reside, with the editor or the speaker?

Now clearly the editor has to have some material to work with, but believe me, I have left some superb comments on the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor, but why?  Well, modern people will only watch a web film clip for 2-3 minutes max, so there you have it. People have the attention span of small mice.

So, the video is an edited montage of clips from the London, Marriage Week UK Parliamentary launch, held on Feb 7th.  It shows a snippet from; David Burrows MP, Harry Benson, Baroness Ruth Deech and myself, all in just a tad over three minutes.

It’s snowing outside.  Already about 50 cm and rising.  I am sitting in the home of our good friends Angela & Andreas Frez, in the old East Germany, about 2 hours south of Berlin in the city of Heinichin.   I am here because I’m part of a group looking at inter-cultural marriages, and the particular pressures they experience, and since I can work remotely I might as well be here for 3 days as anywhere else. We are producing a course designed to help couples with those particular cross cultural tensions, which with increased numbers of cross cultural couples clicking in together, has to be a good thing.

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