What guys are thinking but never say. Part 2.


Following on from my post yesterday which just had so many reads it was ridiculous, I have cracked on with part two. Hope you find it insightful.

“I want more guy time.”

While I love being around you darling, and am so proud of you, I also, just once in a while really like being with my buddies, and to be honest I could really do without a sort of shadow of an upset wife hanging over me when I meet up with them.

For me, It’s about being the Master Chief (Halo) amongst Master Chief’s, about belching, telling stupid jokes, calling each other rude names, recanting old stories and generally being very unsophisticated which is so appealing.  You could call it my cave man moment.  You can meet with your girl friends and discuss books, actors and nail varnish.  We will play shoot em up first person games, eat pizza and sit with our feet on the coffee table (terrible), even though we know you hate it when we do that.

Its not about being anti you, it’s about being wrecklessly masculine, with my friends, some of whom you might disapprove of.  Amazingly, when I have done this for a while, I will remember what it was about you that drew me from the pack in the first place, and I’ll come home delighted to see you, having evacuated all that hot air.  Might even bring you some flowers.

“You look hot.”

Ok, so I understand that with little ones running round, and the school run, and the shopping and all that stuff that you don’t always feel that smoking hot!  Lingerie is now underwear, and clothes are sometimes, well just a tad too comfortable.  But you know, inside this guy is a man, who still thinks you are a real hotty, and knows just how good you can look when you have time to do what’s needed.  Seriously, we mostly aren’t seeing the outer garments anyway, if you know what I mean.  So, get this.  We have love tinted sunglasses, we see right past that puke stained blouse to the real women underneath, we love what we see, and you should too.

“It turns me on that you’re the mother of my child.”

Finally, without you I could never have become a Dad.  The pride and self esteem I get from seeing you nurturing our little ones wells up and makes me so devoted to you.  You see I didn’t always know that I would actually get this family thing going.  I might have become Billy no Mates, no kids, no wife.  It was a very realistic possibility, until you came along, and pow, here we are.  I’m your man, we are lovers – everyone knows that you and I are well “intimate”  and that makes me feel really manly.







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