3 Top tips to reconnect with yourself, and the special one

radioI blogged at the weekend about what to do when the serotonin subsides.  I suggested a few ways couples could be proactive in building new experiences together.  Developing this theme, today I’m dipping into our stupid appetite for being busy with a few triggers to get you thinking about, what your thinking about;

  1. Eat slowly; I once had lunch with a certain person, a former policeman.  He literally shovelled a massive meal down in less than 3 minutes.  When I commented, he said it was something to do with always being on call, and it has developed into a habit.  Try turning the telly off, turning your smart phone off, lighting a candle and taking time to eat together.
  2. Turn off the radio; Be honest. Are you scared of the silence, the lack of any noise?  Go through the scary bit, and you will find not emptiness on the other side, but your inner voice, and inner conscience.  Helps you to decide what’s important, and unimportant.
  3. Try sitting up late and talking about what each of you have been thinking about.  What have you been pondering on in quieter moments, or as you fall asleep what do you think about.

As my good friend Dr Michael Schluter from The Relationships Foundation said; “Time is the currency of relationships” so spend a little time on your special relationship.

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